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PET for Packaging Materials is a company that produces a diverse range of PET containers and products. PHG is well-equipped to cater to the needs of large-scale users of thermoformed packaging and utilizes the improved optical and mechanical properties of both virgin and recycled PET materials.
-A pioneer in the plastic packaging industry with more than 16 years of experience
-We supply our products inside and outside the Egyptian market
-Among our products are gallon bottles of water - PET ketchup packages - PET bottles of detergents - using the latest production and international standards
-Using the latest production technology in accordance with all international standards


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about us

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245M+ The company he works for

245 people

3M+ Number of clients in Egypt

460 clients

2M+ Factory space

19000 meters

5M+ Number of clients outside Egypt

52 clients

Plastic Home Group

why choose us

1- More than 16 years of experience in the manufacture of distinctive plastic containers of all types, sizes and shapes 2- The best raw materials that we import in the various stages of manufacturing to get a strong product and attractive design 3- Full commitment with our customers in time and quality 4- Absorption capacity of any quantity required to be supplied to our customers 5- The best competitive prices in the plastic manufacturing market 6-Supplying to more than 20 countries outside Egypt, which makes Plastic Home Group a pioneer in exporting plastic products in Egypt 7-The latest technology in the manufacture of plastic packaging 8-The latest production lines with a large production capacity